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4 Things You Need To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding is an important event and milestone in a couple’s life. That one day will mark as a start of a new beginning in their lives. So, it is a must that every detail of the wedding is flawless, including the photography and presentation. To achieve this goal, hiring the best Paris wedding photographer should be on top of your list.

If you are in the process a wedding photographer for you and your partner’s big day. Here are some critical questions you need to ask these shutterbugs to know if they are qualified for the job:

  1. The background of their studio

The first thing that you need to ask your professional wedding photographers in Toronto is the background of their business and their studio – how they came about and their reputation in their field. Knowing these details would give you an idea about their body of work and their work ethics. Of course, some clients prefer to get the more experienced candidates. But it would not hurt to take a look at the work of a new photo studio. They might offer something new that others don’t have.

  1. Their primary style

Every photographer has their own style – may it be the color grading they use or the angles of their shots. You will usually see this in their portfolio. But let your potential wedding photographers talk about their style, in terms of wedding photography. It is important that you are aware of your photographer’s style so you will know what to expect when the actual photos are delivered to you, and also, for you to decide which style would fit your taste and preference.

  1. The number of clients they have handled

Wedding photo studios are often handling a number of clients, depending on the season. During the wedding season, most studios put a cap to the number of clients they want to handle due to lack of manpower and equipment. If your wedding will fall on peak seasons, ask them if they can still accommodate your event, given the number of clients they are servicing.

  1. The number of people working on an event

And speaking of manpower, you need to know how many people your prospective photo studio will send to your event. Small studio outfits usually send their whole team (usually composed of 3-5 person) on a single event. But for large studios, they can send up to 8 people to work on the job. Given the scale of your event, you need to know if the team they will be sending will be able to cover everything.

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