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Weird facts about dancing

Dance is dance. It enlightens and awakes every other person. At salsa classes in Dubai, it makes the person energized and active by making him or her to move and shake his or her body on ever beat and free the body to move on every rhythm and tune.

  • African slaves created capaoeira because they were not allowed to practice martial arts when they were brought 300 to 400 years ago; therefore, they mixed fighting and dancing to create the permissible form of martial arts.
  • Breakdance was created in New York City’s Bronx area in 1970s when there was fighting between African -American gangs. It is lethal form of dance and fight.
  • Tango is the dance of modern times. It was created in Argentina in 1890s but it got fame in Europe.
  • World’s first sustainable dance floor was created in Sweden in 2008. Its tiles have springs. These springs are connected to generator. That’s why, the dance and jumping of feet lead to compression of springs, which in return help in generating electrical energy from the energy of a human body who dance on the floor.
  • Tupac Shakur was singer and rapper but he was ballet dancer as well. He was artist at 127th Street Ensemble. It is theatre company of Harlem.
  • An English man died suddenly in Christmas Party in his office because he danced constantly on Gangnam Style. Too much dance is also not good. It can worsen heart conditions and lead to several diseases.
  • In 1518, thousands and dozens of people were died and killed of heart attack suffering from Dancing Plague It was a maniac condition in which people used to dance for month which worsened their heart condition and caused heart attack.
  • In mythology of Greek, there were nine muses.  Each muse was connected to field of arts.  One of them was connected dance. Its name was Terpsichore.
  • Micheal Jackson created Moonwalk by himself for his hit song “Thriller” in 1982.
  • The most famous ballet was performed in 1892. Its name was The Nutcracker. It was performed by Tchaikovsky.
  • Indians wear hungry when they dance to emphasize rhythms of their feet. They can wear up-to 100 ghungru on each feet.
  • Modern dancers dance with bare feet because they want to connect themselves to the floor directly. Most of them wear tapes and balls on their feet to keep their feet safe but majority of them feel that feet will toughen as much as you dance with bare feet.
  • There are dance studios for kids and disabled people who have passion for dance. Their choreographers mix the capabilities of all dancers to come up with the best team and steps.
  • Pow Wow is a get together of singers, drummers and dancers to celebrate arts and culture.

So,  these are few facts about dance and dancers which can tell you a lot about this aspect of arts and expressing yourself via body. So, go and attend dance at www.dancedowntowndubai.com  and become a popular dancer whose name will come in news and shows.


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