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Top five reasons why patients go to Dubai for IVF treatment

Plenty of East-European, South American and Asian countries provide low cost IVF treatments. Among all the countries in the world, Dubai remains as the most popular destination for patients that want first class In Vitro Fertilization Treatment. Nowadays there are plenty of world class infertility clinics in every major area in Dubai. According to the official statistics there are over 400 IVF clinics in Dubai. Here are the most important reasons why so many patients from all over the world choose Dubai over other countries in order to get treated for infertility.


Top notch doctors


The doctors that work in the most reputable clinics in Dubai that provide services related to IVF pregnancy have earned their medical degrees and training from some of the top medical schools in the UK or the United States. Prestigious magazines such as Sterility and Fertility regularly publish papers from Dubai based endocrinologists.


Equipped with the latest and best technology


A good doctor doesn’t mean much unless he has the proper technology to work with. If he does not have the latest technology available to him, there is no much that he can do in terms of treating infertility. The clinics in Dubai work with the latest and best technology in the world. They source their equipment from top manufacturers all over the world; IVF catheters from London’s Rocket, inverted microscopes from Japanese brand Olympus, etc.




IVF cycle in USA usually costs around $10,000, while in Dubai it can cost as low as $3,500. With some clinics, this fee includes all the procedures involved. What this means is that it includes things like egg retrieval, scan, laboratory tests and embryo transfer.


Polite staff


Many Western patients are surprised by the hospitality and the courtesy of the staff that works in the clinics. In addition to that the doctors in average spend more time with their patients than most doctors do with their patients in USA or any other Western country.


High success rate


Even though that the male infertility treatment success rate depends on the patient’s condition, many Infertility treatment Dubai clinics have impressive success rate. It seems that top notch doctors and top equipment are a winning combination, something appreciated and acknowledged by patients from all over the world. That’s something that makes thousands fly in to Dubai every year for their IVF treatment.

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