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The World of Dietary Supplements

Dietary SupplementsEveryone needs multivitamins for an efficient performance of mind and body. They are always recommended to the individuals who like to maintain healthy weight and consume natural and organic food to maximize the natural vitamin and minerals intake. But unfortunately a decrease in cultivation land, increase in world’s population and larger food requirements proposed fertilizers has become a roadblock. Furthermore, inorganic ways of cultivation in which chemicals are used for bigger production actually infect the crops and intoxicates the natural sources of minerals and vitamins.


The ability to digest and function of various body parts including liver get damaged due to these unhealthy toxic chemicals. They enter in our bodies due to the foods we eat and the due to other environmental pollutions including air and water pollution. There is no other way but to detoxify our bodies with the help of natural and organic herbs and detox-teas. But, what about minerals and vitamins deficiencies?


Just like many countries, Dubai supplements online stores are also providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for our body to help it function properly.


Different minerals and vitamins perform differently in our bodies. Buying any bottle of vitamin C, B-complex or omega 3 fatty acids is not sufficient enough. Multivitamins are easily available at various shops without any prescription restriction. People are very comfortable with them and don’t feel any hesitation of being overdose of any vitamin that is already consumed through our foods.


Nutrient supplements and multivitamins like;

  • calcium and vitamins B, C and D support bone health,
  • Iron consumption helps during pregnancy, and breastfed mother. It is also helpful in capacity building of the immune system.
  • Vitamin B12 helps healthy blood production, heart health and nerves system. It is easily available in fish and dairy products.


These are very common vitamins and can be taken without hesitation but there are some other vitamins that need precautions before the use. Natural doesn’t mean safe as every herb has special properties and needs caution in use. Liver damage, kidney failure, heart stroke, blood clot, nerves damage and many more things can happen if minerals and vitamins are not used carefully.

Supplements are useful for nutrient deficient people but a proper care is always advised. Try to use fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, eat organic food, don’t store them for a long time, don’t overcook, don’t eat similar type of diet, increase water intake, maintain healthy sleeping and exercise routine and try to reduce stress levels. These will improve your nutritional consumption. Consult the doctor for special dietary supplement before buying any brand like Boo-tea in Dubai, which is very popular for weight loss but at the same time its overdose may harm your body.

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