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The different services offered by ship management companies

Ship management companies are responsible for maintaining and running commercial ships for any number of reasons. In some instances, ship management will cover all the vessel’s services, including the fueling, mooring, management, and payment; however not all. Often it is up to the owners to contract for more specific services or if they prefer to lease the ship fully to the management company.

Many ship owners find that hiring ship management companies in UAE to handle their vessels can be a wise move. Not only do these individuals get a second opinion about what services are required, but they also are free to come and look at the vessel before making any firm decisions. This helps to ensure that the owners receive the best service and the most comprehensive assessment of what is necessary to maintain their ship.

Many ship management companies offer a variety of services to their clients. Some specialize in chartering ships while others will focus on maintaining an individual vessel. Most provide assistance to individual ship owners as they are closely involved in their operation. Others will offer full or partial service to shipping companies, marina operators, and even to the port of call for the vessel. Some ship managers will do all of the necessary management tasks themselves, while others will delegate the management responsibilities to a team of experts.

One of the primary goals of ship managers is to ensure that they are meeting their contractual obligation to ship companies and to also that they are providing the best safety and operational support to their clients. They usually will be the direct contact person for their client and will have direct access to their ships. Working directly with the shipping companies, the manager can also ensure that the crews have adequate training, which is especially important when approaching the shipping industry and working with crews that have little or no experience with working alongside larger commercial vessels.

Finally, the role of these companies is not limited to the actual management of a ship and its crew. Some companies will also serve as an agent for seafarers who have a large number of containers coming in and out of a particular port or who may have a cargo that needs to be delivered to multiple customers. Some seafarers will have to leave their jobs while their cargo is unloaded and shipped to their destination. With the help of a management company, any of these seafarers can stay on board while their container gets unloaded and shipped.

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