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The do’s and dont’s of liposuction

The liposuction procedure is focused on extracting a certain amount of fats from around the abdominal area so that it becomes possible for patients to lose weight and improve their overall appearance. A cannula is used for this very purpose because there is a high risk involved in case excessive amounts of fats are extracted from the abdomen. This is what makes the liposuction procedure so very safe.


For those who don’t know, the cannula is a long tube like rod that is meant to be inserted into specific incisions that are made during the procedure. Prior to the operation, areas around the abdomen that the surgeon believes need to be treated are marked. Once that is done a liquid meant to loosen up the fat is injected into the incisions that are made on the marked areas. This basically assists in making it easier for the fats to be sucked out during the procedure.


When opting for liposuction procedure, it is necessary for you to choose a medical professional who holds the right qualifications as well as a license that permits him to perform the liposuction procedure on his patients. You need to remember the fact that with the rise in popularity of Dubai liposuction, more and more people have started posing as medical experts with the capability to perform this procedure. For this reason, make sure that you choose your doctor carefully. This also holds true for times when you wish to get a tummy tuck surgery in Dubai.


Once you schedule a date for the liposuction procedure, your doctor is going to give you complete details about the things you should and you should not do before and after the procedure. This is basically meant to help you make things easier for yourself both during and after the surgery. It is highly recommended for you to refrain from drinking alcohol or taking any recreational drugs sometime before the surgery. This is because both of these elements have the potential to affect the response that your body will have to certain medication. It is highly recommended for you to rest for a few days before the surgery so that you have adequate energy and resistance.


You doctor will prescribe you a few antibiotics and pain relievers so make sure that you perform them before the date of your surgery. This way you will not have to worry about purchasing them once you get home.


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