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How to find a reputable dental clinic in Dubai

Oral hygiene is very important. It needs to be taken seriously especially when it comes to the kids. It is because they cannot take care of their body the way the adults can. Moreover, adults may also be ignorant of certain things and practices. A very common example of it …

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The do’s and dont’s of liposuction

The liposuction procedure is focused on extracting a certain amount of fats from around the abdominal area so that it becomes possible for patients to lose weight and improve their overall appearance. A cannula is used for this very purpose because there is a high risk involved in case excessive …

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Depression is a curable illness

The fact of the matter is that millions of people around the world suffer from depression. It is not only responsible for affecting their personal lives by creating a number of relationship issues but also put a negative effect on professional capabilities of many. There is not shame accepting that …

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For some people, the word “dentist” sparks some inner fear and dread that they opt not to think about them. But there is a reason why you need to visit your dentist and comply with your dental checkups. If you are still thinking twice about going to your dental appointment, …

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