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Tips to Help First-Timers Select a Viable Office Space

For Startups seeking out an office space in business bay, here are a few tips to make sure that you garner an office space which is the right fit for your company culture and needs:

Decide If You Actually Need One

Not long before, businesses couldn’t survive without acquiring a dedicated office to work from. However, a lot of entrepreneurs these days are more inclined towards co-working spaces and home spaces. You could potentially save a lot of money and time if your company could function in one of these alternative environments.

Choose an Accessible Location for Your Team

If your business cannot thrive without acquiring a viable office space, location of the workplace should be your top-most priority when looking to rent an office space in Dubai. This ensures that your key employees won’t have to travel long commutes to get to work every day, saving them from a great deal of trouble. If you haven’t built a team yet, try to choose a location which is popular or accessible for most people, and in proximity of a zone that is teeming with potential talent.

Consider your budget

Cost is your next big concern after the location of your workspace. Refrain from choosing a location which is heavy on your pocket and stunt the growth of your start-up by putting it far into debt. Crunch the numbers before you start your search and find a budget that you will be able to work around comfortably.

Account for Extra Expenses

When it comes to renting an office space, there are a lot of expenses involved in addition to the actual rent. For most properties, rent is just a portion of the expenses. If you don’t factor in these expenses to your budget, you could end up in a lot of financial troubles. Make sure that you fully comprehend what is included and what is not in the quoted rent, to avert any surprises after you have moved in. Does the landlord plan to ask you to pay for your data, phone, and utilities, even ice removal and water? Make sure each expense is spelled out clearly in the lease contract. Don’t take your landlord up on his words until any amenities are actually included in the lease.


The security of your property is a major concern, especially since even the safest communities are not safe from vandalism and robbery. To keep your equipment, your employees, and you secure and safe, the office building should include after-hours security, manned entry ways, and a security guard.

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