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Why is Football a Popular Sport?

Man City ticketsMany people are wondering why football is one of the most loved sports in the world. After all, why would you watch a sport where a match that goes on in 90 minutes can end with a 0-0 tie? Moreover, it’s not a sport that you can easily replicate like basketball or baseball.

But, like any other sport, football has its own charms. It’s entertaining enough that people will line up and buy cheap Chelsea tickets just to watch their favorite players in action.

So, why do people love football, you ask? Let’s count the reasons and start with these:

  1. It’s a global sport.

People who are not fans of the sport may not be aware of this, but football is actually a sport played almost consistently in different parts of the world. And do you know how many are actively involved in this sport around the world? 265 million players. That’s almost 4 percent of the entire population in the world. Some sports, like rugby and tennis, are only played and sectioned off in one country.

  1. You don’t need too many equipment to get started.

All you need is to set up a net, get your ball, and you’re all good to play. You don’t need to bring your own equipment like in baseball and tennis. You most certainly don’t need to wear additional gear like in American football or rugby. You just need a good pair of shoes to play in the game.

  1. The rules are simple.

Contrary to what many believe, the rules of football are pretty easy. Sure, you have the yellow and red cards, as well as corner kicks and offsides, but those are things you can learn. The entire point of football is to get the ball into the net and score a goal without using your hands.

  1. It’s a game that unites a nation.

Seriously, have you seen how people of a country unite under one banner to show how proud they are of their team? Football is one of the games that promote unity in a nation. Even supporters from other countries show their enthusiasm for a national team.

  1. Every player will surprise you.

Football is unlike any other sport, simply because it’s difficult to get an actual point. This is where things get interesting, though. A player mastering a skill or showing an incredible trick during an important match is a sight that every fan wouldn’t want to miss.

The next time you head out to buy Man City tickets, think of the wonderful things that you football brings. You’ll soon realize how much different this sport is from the others.

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