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Offbeat Destinations and Activities in Dubai

Dubai is known for their stunning skyscrapers, eye-catching Lamborghinis, and vast expanse of malls and shopping sprees. But if you are the kind of traveler who are looking for a one-of-a-kind trip and is ready to get their hands dirty, Dubai also offers extraordinary adventures and activities for daredevil travelers who are willing to go beyond their comfort zones. city-tour-dubai

  1. Go dune bashing and swimming out-of-town

Ditch the city and go for an out-of-town adventure in Hatta. Hatta is located southeast of Dubai’s main territory and 134 km east of Dubai City and known as a “heritage village” because it showcase the Arab culture through its people and customs. Most of the locals visit Hatta during summer to escape the scorching hot temperature of summer in Dubai since the climate is fairly moderate compare to other locations.

Aside from the exploring the old world Arab culture, Hatta Mountain Tour offers extraordinary attractions that invites out-of-the-box travelers to visit the place. One of the exciting activities that you can do in Hatta is dune bashing and do not miss the opportunity of take a dip on the cool mountain pools in the mountain.

  1. Eat with strangers

One of the scariest experience for some, if not awkward, is dining with people you do not know. But in Dubai, travelers who wants to explore something new digs in this kind of set up. The “eating with strangers” trend started in Dubai in 2014 by genius restaurateurs and event organizers who wants to attract a new kind of clientele. Restraunaut, one of the pioneers of this unique dining experience, organize themed events and dinners to invited like-minded people to bond, connect and make friends.  For tourists and travelers who wants to meet interesting people, book a table now and strike a conversation.

  1. Party ala Moulin Rouge

Looking for a different kind of party? Then Cirque le Soir is the right place for you. Cirque le Soir originated in London and branch out to Dubai in 2011. The club gained notoriety and fame because of its intriguing and fresh take on clubbing. The circus atmosphere of the club invites anyone who enters their enclave to throw their cares to the wind and enjoy the thrilling experience of party with circus performers – from clowns, dwarves, snake charmers and more – which make it one for the books.

  1. Go water-based when touring the city

Leave the Lamborghinis and make a splash when you tour the first and only amphibious-based city in the Middle East. Water Bus rides are perfect if you are tired of land tours. You can enjoy the sight of the city while riding the fair waves in a water bus. It can be a refreshing change from an ordinary bus that most tourist ride when they travel around the city. Make your big bus tour Dubai operators include this on your tour itinerary.

  1. Giggle with strangers

Laughter is the best medicine. Enhance your humor and make your audience chuckle by attending a laughter workshop. SimplyLaughter.com invites everyone who wants to laugh their troubles away and relieve them of everyday stress to attend the 1-2 day Happiness & Wellness Workshops. Jo-Dee, the Laughter facilitator, will surely tickle your funny bones with your well-being in mind.

Traveling is about opening your mind to lots of possibilities. Do not limit yourself with run-of-the-mill attractions and don’t miss out on the fun of finding something new when you are exploring different places.

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