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Dubai – the hottest tourist destination in the world

Dubai – the hottest tourist destination in the worldFor some time, Dubai has been the hottest tourist destination – hottest in so many ways. Hot as the weather and hot in terms of popularity, luxury and style. Millions of tourists pour in every year to experience Dubai’s magic. It’s golden sand dunes, world-class shopping destinations, great food, exotic beaches – they all will welcome you. Here is a list of what to do, what to see and how to get there during your Dubai experience.

What to see in Dubai?
Almost everyone’s first association with Dubai is the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, the only hotel in the world with seven stars. This is the perfect place to start your Dubai holiday. Hotel worthy for kings, it will knock you off your feet with its combination of luxury, design and size. Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. Your next stop should be Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. This architectural wonder has it all; business offices, a mall, a mosque, residential apartments and of course its own world record.

The Palm Islands are a stop that cannot be missed, even if you are only for a day in Dubai. When observed from a bird perspective these man-made islands look like a palm tree. They are truly magical, worthy of their reputation as one of the wonders of the world. Many tourists from all over the world come in only to see them along with a desire to experience desert safari deals.

What to do in Dubai?
Dubai has a lot to offer for everyone, from shopping at some of the finest malls in the world to a desert safari. Those with a more adventurous spirit can choose to explore the desert riding on camel or by a jeep. Dubai has some of the best beaches in the world, which are truly like heaven on earth. The turquoise blue water of the sea is simply breath-taking. Mamzar Beach and Jebel Ali Beach are the most popular beaches in Dubai.

How to reach?

How to travel from one exotic location to another exotic location? How to reach the most beautiful hotel in the world? How to travel across the most luxurious city in the world? The answer is simple! Do it with style. Each day you can own and drive a different car. There are countless car rental services around for this purpose. Apart from that you can even try out a dhow cruise Dubai and all your transportation needs will be covered.

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