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Types Of Flowers Ideal For The Office

Flowers Ideal For The Office12Wanting to add a bit of color or greenery to your office space is totally natural. Although it is possible for you to add greenery to your office with the help of low light indoor plants, how do you think you can add color to it? Well, through low light indoor plants with flowers purchased from a florist in Dubai! Here’s a look into the different flowers that are a great choice in terms of being placed in an office:
African Violet
Although African violets were initially considered as being ‘grandma’ plants, African violets have made a grand comeback with a variety of new cultivars. These beautiful plants with their pretty flowers are a great choice for your office. Believe it or not, these are said to bloom best when neglected. The best part is that they require minimum amounts of light for blooming purposes.


Peace Lily
This is an indoor plant that is commonly placed in offices.  This indoor plant has beautiful flowers, and the good thing about it is that it isn’t high maintenance at all. Its flowers are going to bloom even if you give minimum attention to it. It doesn’t even require much light. Its flowers are white-cupped and hand-shaped. Not only are the flowers long lasting, they have a light scent too.


Zebra Plant
A zebra plant is another amazing office choice as it is a low light indoor plant that has flowers. The most appealing thing about it is its striped foliage that blooms all through the year with yellow, frilly flowers. Truly beautiful and a great choice for your office!


Although this indoor plant isn’t technically a flower, but if you give it a good look, you would notice that the entire plant resembles a flower. It has small leaves that are vibrant and colourful, thereby adding much needed flair to your office workplace. Although it is possible for bromeliads to get flowers at times, you may just revel in their natural beauty in the meanwhile. These can also be acquired through cake delivery.

Christmas Cactus
Christmas cacti are amazing indoor plants. You need to bear in mind that although these are known as Christmas cactus, they don’t typically bloom at Christmas. The best part about these is that being a cactus, you don’t really need to fuss around them much. However, if you really want for them to bloom, it would be necessary for you to give them at least 12 hours of darkness each day.  The flowers that these give out can be anywhere from white to pink and even red!

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