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Top Five Cosmetic Surgery Trends of 2016

cosmetic clinics in DubaiLast year saw the rise of subtle but flattering “tweaks” in the form of cosmetic surgery procedures not only in Dubai but also around the world. Celebrities and regular people alike have seen much use in contacting cosmetic clinics in Dubai for an appointment or two–and no, they are not there just for breast augmentation.

As 2017 rolls in, clinics are starting to get inquiries on their top procedures, some of which may be recent additions, while others timeless favorites. Here are the top five cosmetic surgery trends of last year, which will still be hot this 2017:

Athletic Abs

With athleisure, fitstagram and sports brands taking the world by storm last year, it’s no surprise that many want to look good while wearing their favorite pair of cropped tops, revealing just the right amount of skin in their midsection. Many have gone to the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai asking for abdominoplasty.

Breast Implants

Breast enlargements continue to be a popular trend, but last year’s clinic goers preferred a more subtle take: implants that were not easily noticeable. The improvement in breast size sits closer to the patient’s body and has a low profile, unlike the rounded breast implants of a couple of years ago.


Many, if not all, are not content with the way their nose looks. And a sizeable portion of this crowd went to cosmetic clinics to ask around for a way to improve their face through changing their nose. A non-surgical nose job is a kind of “tweakment” that gives a natural, but improved look. Rhinoplasty remains a top option for patients, too.

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning involves a small incision and some stitches to correct prominent ears. This procedure may involve removing excess cartilage to correct asymmetrical ears or those that are sticking out.

Leg Shaping

Leg shaping is a procedure also popularized by fitstagram and health bloggers. As more people move away from showing off their cleavage, they veer towards flashing perfect pins instead. Leg shaping involves removing excess fat from the legs, and may be paired with vein and cellulite removal to get picture-perfect legs every time.

It’s easy to notice that there’s a shift in how patients are choosing their cosmetic surgery procedures. Rather than going for procedures that show an obvious change in their appearance, they are choosing tweaks that enhance their features without making it look over the top. Celebrities have popularized the trend, from lip fillers to boob injections, and it has never been more apparent that these procedures work on one thing: improving one’s features.

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