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Information about kidney stones

One of the most prominent symptoms of kidney stones that are also known as renal calculi is pain on the sides or in the back that does not diminish. Another obvious symptom is that of pink urine or urine that has a very bad smell to it. Apart from that, the patient may additionally have fever along with severe pain when they urinate. Although the reason behind it is hard to point out, experts are of the belief that cases involving kidney stones are on the rise these days. This is why there is also an increased need for the best renal care centers in Seychelles.

For the record, this condition is a lot more evident in men. Age is also known to be a factor. Once a man is past the age of 40, his chances of getting kidney stones increase to a certain extent. When it comes to women, their chances arise significantly once they hit the 50 years mark.

For those who don’t know, our kidneys have nearly 190 liters of blood flowing through them every day. It is the duty of the kidneys to remove blood waste along with minerals and a number of other substances so they can exit our body in the form of urine. However, when a person has kidney stones, certain minerals found in urine get combined with other waste materials and that leads to the formation of a stone.

There are many different types of kidney stones. The most common ones are calcium stones that are formed by calcium oxalate. Another type of kidney stone is that which is made of uric acid. It is not known as of yet why these substances lead tot rh formation of a stone in some people and not all. While there might be unknown factors, the common consent in the medical world is that higher amounts of these substances are what lead to the creation of the stones.


In most cases, kidney stones are eliminated from the body in the form of urine. There are a number of home remedies as well that you can use in this regard. However, extreme measures need to be taken in case the stone grows so big that it blocks the flow of urine. The condition is extremely painful and leads to the onset of a really bad infection.

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