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Why Business Cards Are Still Relevant Today

Business Cards Are Still Relevant

We are currently living in the era of social media and smartphones. And in this day and age, networking is faster and is as easy as just looking down on your phone and tapping on the screen. And this has significantly changed the way we – institutions, companies, and individual professionals – do business.

Today, we have websites, we have apps, dedicated to, and are specifically designed for, networking and marketing. Everyone and their grandmothers can easily have their own accounts, profiles, and business pages on several social media platforms. And it is no secret that more and more companies and individual professionals choose to look through such platforms because they make things easier and faster for them too.


The networking landscape has truly changed, and is continuously changing, due to the advancements in digital technology. Still, a lot of traditional practices are kept in doing business. One of these is the use of business cards. In this day and age, when everyone, every business, and every institution, can easily have their own social media profile and website, it still truly important to have business cards? Are they still relevant? Here are two valid points I learned from one of the most respected Dubai printing companies:



  1. Not everyone is keeping up with the digital revolution yet.


Sure, everyone is aware of the Internet now; and almost everyone has a social media account or two. But a huge chunk of us haven’t truly developed the discipline and culture of cyberspace networking yet. There’s dear old Esther from human resources. There are the Smiths who live in that part of town still without internet connection. These are people we might want to do business with. And for them, that little old business card still trumps whatever techy schmecky website you have.


  1. Handing out business cards is a personal way of networking.


Networking through the Internet is convenient, fast, and cheap. But it is also very impersonal. You can have the most creative and unique website, but it would still be unable to give that personal touch that handing out business cards (and shaking hands after) do. It may be a small and simple gesture, but it is a very effective way of bridging your business information with your face, your identity. People will be more likely to remember you, your business, if they get the chance to connect with you personally.



So yeah, go for that business card you’ve been planning on having made. It will open up opportunities your website simply cannot do. But before taking the plunge, make sure to do some research about business card printing in Dubai.

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