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Three Things that Improve Brand Recall

Improve Brand RecallIn this dynamic day and age, and with hundreds of companies offering the same products, the worst thing that can happen to your company is to be forgettable. You may have a good product and you may be offering the best services, but if people have a hard time remembering that your brand exists, you’re already on the losing end. How, then, can you improve brand recall?


Pay attention to these three items:


Store Display


If you have a brick and mortar store, you have to think about a good window display that will make people want to look inside your shop. Be creative and even a little bit provocative. Your main goal is to be interesting enough that people want to see what your brand is up to. If you’re offering discounts, have a sign that tells people that. You can also contact a flag printing company for a flag pole you can set up outside your store. The pole can feature graphics about your brand or show that you have an ongoing sale. Make sure it catches attention by using bold letters and choosing the right colors.


Free Magnets


Your company can give away freebies at events and trade shows. These freebies often have the company’s name and contact details, so that the receiver of the item will be an indirect brand ambassador. If you really want to foster brand recall, however, you should choose your freebies wisely. Magnets are one of the best freebies because they are useful, and people can easily remember the information on them. Imagine customers using your magnets on their refrigerators–every time they open the appliance, they are reminded of your brand.




Like magnets, stickers are a popular freebie. Especially if your brand is an advocate for an important cause, such as saving the bees or helping conserve nature, stickers can help you be that brand that makes a difference. Label printing in Dubai can give you stickers that are cut to shape, so they can be uniquely shaped and fit any surface size. Stickers don’t necessarily need to be freebies, though. They can be the labels you use on your products. Instead of a shrink sleeve, a small sticker can make a product jar or bottle look more environment-conscious.


Customization is at the heart of brand recall. Aim to stand out in a good way, and your brand will be one to remember for years. Don’t overdo it, though. If you’re choosing to give away a couple of items with your brand printed on them, make sure they are still usable. Otherwise, your customers would only hide them instead of using them.

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