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5 Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades You Can Easily Do

Remodeling a space can be costly, especially if you are doing a total space makeover. However, not all homeowners can afford to do an expensive makeover. Which is why they just settle for the initial look when they got the house or when they first did the makeover.

But experts in Dubai villa interior design said that home makeovers don’t have to be costly. In fact, there are kitchen upgrades you can do when are short on cash, upgrades like:

  • Show your collection

You probably have a stunning china hidden behind those cupboards. Instead of keeping them hidden, why not showcase them for the visitors to see? These excellent cutleries will make an endearing design accent in your kitchen. To showcase your kitchen collectibles, turn your close cupboards to open shelves. That way, you can show off these silverware and also make your kitchen work efficient as you can save time on opening and closing the cupboards.

  • Go for contrast

Monotony might work from some space, but if you are aiming for an interior refresh, breaking it would be the best option. Try to play with contrasting elements to make the space more interesting. You can either play with colors or with the patterns and the texture. Just be sure to combine the right elements so you can create a cohesive but stunning design.

  • Mix up your furniture

Another thing that can add flare to your kitchen design in Dubai is mixing up your furniture. There are a lot of ways to do this. One is to pick a set of kitchen furnishings in different colors to add an interesting disparity in the space. Or you can go for entirely different furniture designs. Just be sure to set a theme so the mix up will not look far from the design concept you have in mind.

  • Combine old and new

If you are into vintage, then this tip would definitely ideal for your kitchen refresh. Incorporate a touch of class by putting vintages pieces in your kitchen. You can either put a one-of-a-kind vintage cabinet or use refurbished kitchen furniture to give your kitchen space the vintage vibe that you want.

  • Be bold with color

Some homeowners are quite hesitant to experiment with colors, especially in their kitchen space. Do not be afraid to take some risks when it comes to remodeling. Opt for bold paint colors to give this space the brilliance it deserves.

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