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From Shopping to Shipping: 5 Household Essentials You Can Buy Online

Online shopping has become the trendy practice among people of all ages worldwide. In the past decade alone, internet marketing experts have witnessed the exponential growth of websites, online traffic, and viral content in this smart medium. With its awesome advantages, it’s no wonder that more people now turn to …

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Pick the best cell phone charger

Longer talk time is what people look for when they buy a cell phone. Nobody likes to charge their cell phone again and again. This is sad that there are so many varieties of cell phones but they don’t give a good talk time. Mostly cell phone battery last for …

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How Can Facility Management Policies Help Real Estate Businesses?

Do you own a real estate (office rental, build and sell, residential, etc.) business? The enumerated items below can help you understand why you need to have facility management policies and the benefits you can get from them. Higher Occupant Retention Percentage Customer satisfaction is the bread and butter of …

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Major Malware Types You Should Be Wary of

In 2015, CNN has reported that there are almost a million types of malware released on a daily basis. In fact, more than 317 million types of new malware were released in the year 2014 alone. As such, IT services companies in Dubai warn people to be more cautious and …

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You Can Work in These 5 Industries in Dubai

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, Dubai offers a wide range of vacation experience for everyone. The shopping malls, extreme adventures, and the awe-inspiring buildings are wonderful to see, after all. However, the experience that Dubai gives to its visitors is not limited to …

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The Role of Culture in Translation

Say you are looking for legal translation in Dubai to convert some documents for a potentially lucrative deal for your company. Given that situation, you’ll certainly want to be clear and concise with conveying your intentions, not only to avoid committing a faux pas, but also to appear professional and …

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